How To: Flower Arranging

I’ve always heard to plant a filler, spiller and thriller in each outdoor annual pot. I think that same concept can be used for arranging flowers. Looking for tips on arranging flowers? Follow these easy steps for a beautiful arrangement!

  1. Filler
    Find as much greenery as you can and build a base/structure for your arrangement. Get creative if you don’t have a lot of filler on hand. Perhaps you can use the leaves from your long-ago bloomed calla lilies. Maybe you have extra herbs on hand that will also add a beautiful scent to your arrangement. Or maybe you can use greenery from trees or shrubs in your yard. It’s fun to go scavenging!
  2. Spiller
    Add “spiller” to your arrangement by adding drooping or arching flowers to either add length to your bouquet or width with wide spread flowers.
  3. Thriller
    These selections pack a punch and are the powerful accent pieces in your arrangement. Large dahlias and sunflowers are great thrillers!

For this arrangement I started with a bucket of filler and spiller along with a bucket of thriller flowers.img_0136

I started with a clean vase filled and a packet of flower food dissolved in it. img_0151

I started by adding filler to build structure in the arrangement. Pictured here: Cosmos, Celosia and Sweet Annie (Artemisia). img_0167

Next I added Celosia, Ammi (Dara & Green Mist) and Calla Lily leaves. img_0176

Then I added Amaranth as the spiller along with a few Dahlias.img_0179

I finished off the arrangement with a few larger dahlias and a few extra pieces. img_0184

What are your tricks for arranging flowers?

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