How To: Flower Arranging with Zinnias

This time of year Zinnias are still going strong and right now I have bees, butterflies, moths and more surrounding this very popular spot in the garden.

Step 1: Filler
For these two bouquets I started with Basil and Gaura (a perennial).


Step 2: Dynamic Filler
Next I added a few more dynamic filler pieces of Celosia (both green and purple).img_8361

Step 3: Add Zinnias
Complete the look with Zinnias.img_8362img_8363img_8365img_8366img_8368img_8371

According to The Language of Flowers, Zinnias mean “Thoughts of absent friends.” Most people seem to love or hate Zinnias. How about you? They are definitely growing on me.

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