Seed Saving

This is the first year that I grew enough unique flowers from seed that I am attempting to save them for next year.

How To: Grow Chrysanthemums

Are you looking at growing mums next year? This was my first year trying these and I had some successful beautiful blooms.

Brown Egg Layer Breeds

What are the best laying hen breeds? These are our experiences with six popular laying hen breeds that we purchased in June of 2015.

Cosmos Varieties

This was my second year growing Cosmos and I am hooked! This year I grew Double Click Bicolor Pink and Sensation Mix from Johnny’s Selected Seed.

Digging Canna Lily Bulbs

Store your Canna Lily bulbs in cardboard boxes or in paper bags. You’ll have plenty of extras to share with friends next year!

2016 Fall Chrysanthemum Show

Right now Lauritzen Gardens is hosting their annual Fall Chrysanthemum Show. The show runs Saturday, October 1 through Friday, November 18, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

After the Frost

What do the dahlias look like after a frost? They look pretty black and dead. Right now they are busy sending all of their energy down to the tubers.

Frosted Flowers

The flowers were hauntingly beautiful yesterday morning. This short period of beauty did not last long. Everything is now mostly black and done for the year. Lots of not-so-beautiful work coming in the next few weeks. Have you had your first frost yet?

First Frost Coming Tonight

It’s supposed to freeze tonight on October 12, 2016 here is Southwest Iowa. I took one last stroll through the garden tonight with my camera before we drop to 30 degrees late tonight.

Favorite Dahlia Variety

The first dahlia I bought is called Holland Festival. This is the dahlia that started it all for me.