Favorite Dahlia Variety

Dahlias come in many sizes, shapes and colors. New varieties are grown and named each year. The first dahlia I bought is called Holland Festival and is the dahlia that started it all for me. This year I grew 175 dahlia plants.

White Flower Farm has this to say about Holland FestivalDahlias the size of dinner plates never fail to impress, whether in borders, large containers, or floral designs. Touches of white trim the mellow orange petals of these 8″ flowers and add a special glow. Present one spectacular blossom of ‘Holland Festival’ to your next hostess. Informal Decorative form. – From their website.

Where should I buy dahlias?
Swan Island Dahlias, in business for over 89 years, is the largest and leading dahlia grower in the United States. “We still produce the largest full color dahlia catalog in the industry. We hybridize our own new varieties, planting over 10,000 seedlings each year. From those original seedlings, it takes about 4 to 5 years to introduce a new seedling for sale. Each season we introduce anywhere from 5 to 15 new varieties which are featured in our catalog and at our farm. We grow over 360 varieties on 40 acres that are open to the public during blooming season. We are very proud of the farming tradition our family brings to the business we’ve owned and operated for three generations. We are dedicated to bringing the best and highest quality dahlias the world has to offer now and in future generations to come.” – From their website.

This year I ordered the following dahlias that will ship in the Spring of 2017. Baarn Bounty, Bed Head, Clyde’s Choice, Emory Paul, Patches, Purple Taiheijo, Raspberry Punch, Sherwood’s Peach, Walter Hardisty, Harvest Moonlight, Nancilee, Nick Sr., Blondes and Ponderosa to add to my growing collection.

Floret Flowers also has a line of their favorite dahlia tubers. “In 2014, we began offering a carefully curated collection of garden-related products including seeds, bulbs, tools and growing resources. Their popularity with readers–combined with a desire to expand the availability of heirloom and hard-to-find varieties– propelled us to launch Floret Seeds, our own line of specialty flower seeds in early 2016.  Included in the Floret line of seeds are dozens of  different varieties including 30 sweet pea cultivars and all of our tried-and-true favorites from Floret’s flower fields. Floret Seeds feature unusual varieties, gorgeous custom color blends and perfect packet sizes to stock your cutting garden. We also offer 40+ dahlias tubers from our own certified organic stock, plus limited quantities of specialty anemones and ranunculus to flower lovers in the U.S.” – From their website. 

IMG_8212 square.jpg

Holland Festival
I started with a package of three bulbs which has led to a full blown obsession. img_3444img_5033img_4630

What is your all-time favorite dahlia? Have you grown Holland Festival?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    I live about a mile from Swan Island Dahlias. Their farm is spectacular.


  2. Eileen M Leavitt says:

    Hi Melissa, I’m trying to find a dahlia that I fell in love with and your photos really look like the one. However, when I read descriptions of Holland Festival they say the color is “orange”! Your photos, and the plant I’m trying to identify, are pink. I love the dark stems and think I’m on the right track. Can you comment on the color of your Holland Festival?


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