First Frost Coming Tonight

It’s supposed to freeze tonight on October 12, 2016 here is Southwest Iowa. I took one last stroll through the garden tonight with my camera before we drop to 30 degrees late tonight. I planted out on May 10th this year so I had 22 wonderful weeks that were frost free. I definitely wouldn’t mind just a few more weeks!

The Zinnias are still going strong. I planted them a little bit later this year and had absolutely no problems with powdery mildew (last year was not good!). img_0734img_0736img_0740img_0741

These Cosmos just finally started blooming a few weeks ago. Better late than never! But definitely worth the wait. img_0745img_0746

A purple Bachelors Button. img_0747

The Dusty Miller did great this year. I bought plugs from Piney Ridge Greenhouseimg_0752And a few more dahlias. img_0766img_0761img_0763

My favorite dahlia: Holland Festival. img_0733

Curious about your frost free dates? You can look them up here. Have you had your first frost yet? Where do you live?

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