Digging Canna Lily Bulbs

Last year a coworker gave me three Canna Lily bulbs which turned into 13 this year (and I think I could have divided them further). I just dug up my 13 plants after they have turned black from frost and I think I will have WAY more next year. They absolutely loved their new spot in full sun and I think they really liked the chicken manure we spread last fall.

How to dig Canna Lily bulbs:
1) Wait until one (or more) hard frosts hits your zone
2) Cut the stalks back to a few inches tall
3) Carefully dig up the bulbs and divide into manageable clumps (they seem to have natural breaking spots, especially when you have multiple stalks)
4) Wash the bulbs to get all of the dirt & worms off
5) Dry the bulbs for several days to let the cuts heal before you store them


These are such a beautiful shade of pink!img_1431img_1429img_0106

Store your Canna Lily bulbs in cardboard boxes or in paper bags. You’ll have plenty of extras to share with friends next year!

Do you have a lot of Canna Lily bulbs too?

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