Cosmos Varieties

This was my second year growing Cosmos and I am hooked! This year I grew Double Click Bicolor Pink and Sensation Mix from Johnny’s Selected Seed. Next year I am definitely planting Double Click Cranberries because I love the look of the Double Clicks. I also will need to plant Bright Lights Mixed Colors from Burpee, I had grown them in 2015 but must have forgot this year.

These first pictures are from this weekend at Lauritzen Gardens. They had a small Cosmos field out front that was attracting a LOT of attention the day I visited.

img_1319img_1320img_1321img_1322img_1323img_1324These are some of the Cosmos that I grew this year. img_0744img_0745img_0746img_8634img_8446

This is a double click bloom with the extra layer of petals. img_0440

I’m going to head out and collect some of the seeds from this year. I found this video that explains how to collect Cosmos seeds. Do you have any tips?

Do you have a favorite variety of Cosmos?

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