Seed Saving

This is the first year that I grew enough unique flowers from seed that I am attempting to save them for next year. Not knowing much about this I simply went out to my garden to hunt for seeds. I’m surprised at how much I found!

For some flowers it was just as easy to pull the old flower head off and stick it in my envelope. For others I shook off the seeds right into the envelope. Easy!

These are Mammoth Dill seeds.

Liatris (Blazing Star or Gayfeather). TONS of seeds. Watch a video about Liatris hereimg_0115

Green Amaranthimg_0117

Celosia (red plume)img_0118

Celosia (green plume)img_0119

I’m not sure about the quality of these seeds but they are “Green Mist” Ammi. img_0122

These are a variety of Ammi/False Queen Anne’s Lace that looked much better.img_0123

Red Amaranth img_0125

These next two are Cosmos. img_0112img_0113

Wish me luck! Have you saved any of these seeds before?

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