Update: Heirloom Chrysanthemums

We are nearing the end of November and I still have the most unbelievable stunning blooms in my kitchen. Mums are incredibly long last cut flowers.  The weather finally started to turn here in Iowa this year so I cut back all of my heirloom Chrysanthemums and moved all 21 pots are in my basement…

Harvesting Bittersweet Seeds

I got my hands on a branch of Bittersweet this year and recently read about how you can grow them from seed. The bright-showy seed pods are what makes Bittersweet so unique and desirable. How to Grow Bittersweet from Seed Step One:  Pull off the seed heads and let them dry out for 2-3 weeks. Step…

How To: Dig Up Dahlias

This year I grew around 175 dahlia tubers in my cut flower garden. I think I underestimated how much work it was going to be to dig all of them! However, it really only took about 2-3 days total for stalk cutting, digging and packing. I suppose that makes it worth it! How I prepped…

How To: Fall Dahlia Cuttings

I took cuttings, dipped them in water, dipped them in rooting hormone and then planted them in seed starter potting soil. I did this last weekend and they look really great already.

Landscape Fabric in a Cutting Garden

Commercial flower growers sometimes use landscape fabric to cut back on weeding. For the last two years I have been using DeWitt Contractor Select Landscape Fabric that I purchased at Northern Tool.

Growing Hawaiian Plumeria in Iowa

Various businesses in Hawaii sell Plumeria cuttings that are pre-approved for travel back to the mainland and you can even buy them at the airport! Will they grow back home?

Planting Fall Bulbs

How to Plant Bulbs Using a Bulb Planter
1) Pull your plug
2) Drop in your bulb
3) Pull your next plug which forces the prior plug out of the top
4) Fill your whole with that pug