Landscape Fabric in a Cutting Garden

Commercial flower growers sometimes use landscape fabric to cut back on weeding. For the last two years I have been using DeWitt Contractor Select Landscape Fabric that I purchased at Northern Tool. I ordered two 6′ wide by 300′ rolls and haven’t looked back! I run drip line underneath the fabric and it helps me cut back on weeding, especially after I have established plants.

2016-05-04-21-51-492016-05-06-19-18-04-hdrimg_9625For most plants I have been using 9″ hole spacing. I created a template out of cardboard that I use to burn the holes in an efficient matter. img_9627

Now that they are all burned, I will be able to use them for years. img_9628img_9631It’s important to weigh down the fabric with bricks, cement blocks, etc. in addition to using your yard staples. Anything heavy you have laying around the yard will work. I learned my lesson after multiple high wind storms blew my fabric off. Next year I will double my blocks (there were more than in this picture!). img_9634img_9637img_9638

Have you used landscape fabric in your yard? Any tips to share?

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