How To: Fall Dahlia Cuttings

After our first fall frost here in Iowa, we didn’t have another hard frost until last night. I had been waiting to cut my dahlia stalks back because they had started growing again. Most of my dahlias had new leafy growths coming from leaf nodes. We FINALLY had another killing frost last night so I can start the process of digging the dahlias in the next week or so.

However, I did have a unique opportunity this year because of this gap. I decided to take advantage of all of the new leafy growth and take cuttings. I watched this great video on how to take fall dahlia cuttings and then tried it myself. I took cuttings, dipped them in water, dipped them in rooting hormone and then planted them in seed starter potting soil. I did this last weekend and they look really great already.

Here is what my cuttings look like. They are cut just below a leaf node and then I removed that pair of leaves (following the instructions on the video). image1image3image7

It’s good to make a hole so that you don’t rub off all of the hormone before you get the cutting into your soil. image8image4

And this is what they look like now, a week later. Very happy looking! Wish me luck!image3

I did take some cuttings in the morning (right) and some in the afternoon (left). I’m wondering if that is why the cuttings on the right look much better. It was hot the day I took the cuttings. image1

Have you taken dahlia cuttings in the spring or in the fall? I’ll give you guys an update in a few weeks.


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