Harvesting Bittersweet Seeds

I got my hands on a branch of Bittersweet this year and recently read about how you can grow them from seed. The bright-showy seed pods are what makes Bittersweet so unique and desirable.

How to Grow Bittersweet from Seed
Step One:  Pull off the seed heads and let them dry out for 2-3 weeks. image1-copyStep Two: Break apart the berries and split open to remove inner seeds. Step Three: Leave inner seeds to dry out for an additional week.Step Four: Place some peat moss in a plastic bag and moisten it slightly. Place the seeds in the bag and put the bag in the refrigerator for three months. This allows the seeds to go through a dormancy period before starting to germinate in the spring.

I will provide an update in about three months! Have you grown Bittersweet from seed?

Bittersweet Growing Resources
Propagating a Bittersweet
How to Plant Bittersweet Vines From Seeds

*Beware: I have read that Bittersweet can be poisonous to certain animals.

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  1. babyruthbeer says:

    Shoot i woulnd’t know that there’s a bittersweet plant if not for your post. I already like it coz of the name!


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