Cleaning and Organizing Last Years Flower Seeds

Last weekend I went through the seed envelopes that I saved from last year (read about that here). I shook the larger dried blooms to let the seeds fall out. Then I sorted the seeds from the chaff as much as I could with my hands.

I gently blew on them to get rid of the remaining chaff. I think what I am now left with looks pretty good. Very pretty Amaranth seeds.

Celosia seeds with some chaff left.

I ordered these clear film canisters from Amazon to store my seeds in. I did poke some holes in the top of each one just incase there is any moisture left and I think they will do just fine! What seeds did you save from last year?

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  1. cavershamjj says:

    I have helenium, rudbeckia, lychnis coronaria and some foxgloves saved as seeds from plants growing in my garden. To sort the chaff and debris from the seeds I put the lot into a plastic container, give it a good shake, then gently seive using a regular plastic kitchen seive. The seeds pass straight through, the waste gets caught in the seive. Works a treat. Good luck with your sowing.


    1. Great advice. Thank you so much for sharing! Good luck with your seed adventures as well.


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