Building a Grow Light Rack for Seed-Starting

What do you need to build a grow light rack for seed-starting?

1. Wire Shelves – I bought two of these shelves at Menards in black for around $70 each. They come with four shelves but you can’t use the top shelf (unless you hang your top light from a ceiling, etc). I like these because they are easy to put together, light weight, easy to hang lights from and the perfect width for four flats per shelf. I see they also have a five shelf set (yet same width, height and depth) which might be even better!

2. Light – I bought my white hanging shop lights and grow bulbs at Menards as well.

3. Seed Trays – I have collected all different kinds and sizes over the years but these 72 Cell – McKenzie Seed Starter Greenhouse Kits are my favorite so far. Make sure yours have a plastic cover when you want to hold in moisture.

I have two sets of three shelves where I can hold a total of 24 seed flats. This equals 1,728 plants if you use 72 cell trays! You could hold 576 more if you got the five shelf version. However, keep in mind some will need to be potted up into larger pots as they grow.

These are last year’s mum plants that I am taking cuttings from. 

How do you start your seeds indoors?

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