Happy Valentine’s Day

Each year my sweetheart gets me a wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise. The first few year’s we dated I received flower arrangements and then a bouquet of orchid blooms. Last year I got a potted plant of an orchid and a dracaena, but this year’s surprise takes the cake! Check out this Real Simple Azalea Topiary that was my 2017 Valentine’s Day surprise. I just love it. 

So beautiful and just what I needed to get me through the rest of winter. I read that there are only five more weeks until Spring!

I can’t wait to see all of these blooms after they completely open up!

I’ll make sure to update this post with a photo of it in full bloom. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The tips included on this Azalea Topiary care sheet include:

  1. Ideal temperature for the topiary is 50-70 degrees.
  2. Must protect from frost.
  3. Keep the topiary moist at all times but do not allow to sit in water for extended periods. Too much moister or too little will result in root damage and leaf drop.
  4. Medium light is best. Avoid full sun.

After blooming: Keep as potted plant or plant outdoors in appropriate areas. Make sure to wait until the topiary is finished blooming before repotting.

Update 2/28/2017: Here is what the plant looked like in full bloom. 



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