Staghorn Ferns

Out-of-this world Staghorn Ferns can live for years and weigh hundreds of pounds in their natural environment. They produce pups that you can separate to create more plants and are epiphytic, meaning they typically grow on trees.

We visited Maui Wine – Ulupalakua Vineyards when in Hawii and found these amazing Staghorn Ferns right at home. Located at 14815 Piilani Highway, Kula, HI 96790 it was the last stop on our journey up the mountain.


Staghorn Ferns can be purchased at your local garden center and are happy in both pots and mounted on the wall. I found this great article from Pistils Nursery about Staghorn Fern care that has a lot of great tips! Epic Gardening has a great article called Staghorn Ferns: How to Grow and Care for Platyceriums. I also found these instructions on how to mount them by Gardenista and I might try that with one of my plants.

Do you have a Staghorn Fern?



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