My Favorite Cut Flower Garden Photos

I am so fortunate enough to live a beautiful, flower-filled life on our small acreage. These are some of my favorite flower field photos that I have captured so far. Do you have a favorite?

1. A small yellow semi-double Dahlia. img_2450

2. Purple Gem Dahlia about to pop. img_34063. California Poppies about to bloom. img_34974. Purple Zinnia with lots of detail. img_3559

4. Ombre Snapdragons bursting with color. img_3673

5. A collection of bright Zinnias. img_3677

6. A shot of the full flower field. img_66596. My favorite dahlia variety – Holland Festival. img_66727. A shot of all the dahlias together. img_40598. Field sunflowers and dahlias. img_43089. Holland Festival dahlias in a group. img_463010. A HUGE peachy bloom. img_467311. Cafe Au’Lait dahlia blooms with lots of variety. img_468712. A picture perfect bloom. img_503313. Lavender Perfection looking perfect. img_503614. Light pink beauties. img_793815. Orange beauty. img_796516. Double-click Cosmosimg_797117. Bells of Ireland showing off its green. img_799418. Sunflowers make everyone smile. img_044919. HUGE purple bloom. img_759220. Lavender Perfection front and center. img_062921. All of the dahlias. img_064322. The zinnia patch. img_074123. Cosmos late to bloom. img_0745Do you have a favorite?

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