African Violet Show and Sale

The Omaha African Violet and Gesneriad Society Show and Sale will be held at Mulhalls next weekend on March 11th, 2017 from 9 am – 4 pm. It is a great opportunity to check out prize winning African Violets along with having the opportunity to purchase them.

Mulhalls, located at 120th & Maple, is a must see year-round but will be especially packed full of plants, supplies and seeds over the next few months. This weekend would be a good time to stop in for a visit! Here are a few photos from a previous show and sale.

img_0386img_0387img_0388img_0390img_0398img_0399img_0401img_0407img_0411img_0413img_0415img_0417img_0419img_0421I purchased two African Violets at the show I attended and they are still going strong. img_0463img_0466img_0467

African violets like lukewarm water along with not being too dry or too wet. I’ve always heard they prefer light from a west facing window. Are you a fan of African Violets?


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