Chrysanthemum Varieties & Resources

Chrysanthemums are making a comeback. Kings Mums, a great resource for ordering Chrysanthemum plugs online, has seen a large increase in interest and have warned customers that its going to be important to place your orders early this year due to the fact that Chrysanthemums were featured in both Sunset Magazine and Martha Steward Living late last year. Here are some links to those articles:

Chrysanthemum Resources
One Farmer’s Passion for Preserving Chrysanthemums
– Martha Stewart
13 Spectacularly Stunning Species of Chrysanthemum – Martha Stewart
19 Stunning Fall Chrysanthemums – Sunset Magazine
Chrysanthemum x grandiflorum – Sunset Magazine

I also really love this article on Love ‘n Fresh Flowers blog about her top ten favorite mum varieties for cutting along with this blog on Floret Flowers about Chrysanthemums rediscovered.

You can read my blog post about How To: Grow Chrysanthemums. I followed instructions for growing mums for show in Mums the Word by Patt Stockett Johnston last year. I grew over 20 varieties and have ordered another 20 more for 2017. This year I am going to grow some plants directly in the ground as opposed to growing all of them in pots. I am also trying my hand at propagating mums this year.

These are a few of the varieties that I grew last year, most of which I have potted up under grow lights right now. I’ve been continuously taking cuttings from them as I am able to.

Fort Vancouver 13A – Oct. 20 – Nov. 10IMG_0368Downpour 11A – Oct. 15 – Nov.2IMG_0369Descanso 11A – Oct. 24 – Nov. 15IMG_0370Hagoromo 1A – Oct. 25 – Nov. 25IMG_0372Fort Smith 1A – Oct. 13 – Oc. 26IMG_0374Annie Girl 4A – Oct. 14 – Nov. 30IMG_0377Nijian Bigo IA – Oct. 18 – 30IMG_0208Honeyglow 4B – Sept. 26 – Oct. 12IMG_0085Paint Box 2B – Sept. 24 – Oct. 5IMG_0086Lavender Pixie 6C – Oct. 10 – Oct. 25IMG_0089Statesman 6C – Oct. 19 – Nov. 4IMG_0093

You can purchase all of these Chrysanthemums pictured above from Kings Mums.

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  1. Cee Neuner says:

    These are great and fun mums. My favorite for the moment is Nijian Bigo IA.


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