Fiddle Leaf Fig

I am now the proud owner of two Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus lyrata plants. I purchased my first one almost a year ago and just picked up another a few weeks ago. You might have seen these plants on popular remodeling shows and gracing the cover of decorating magazines.


Fiddle Leaf Fig Care
Fiddle Leaf Figs like bright light and prefer to dry out between waterings. If your new leaves are dropping that means you are not watering enough, while over-watering causes older leaves to drop.


How Do I Propagate Fiddle Leaf Figs? 
I read this article by A Piece of Rainbow on how to propagate Fiddle Leaf Figs and followed her instructions to propagate additional plants. I started two by stem cuttings in soil and three by leaf cuttings that I placed in water. I used her method of cover the cuttings with plastic bags. I think I took the plastic bags off too soon (three weeks – and then I put them back on after about a week) but I am crossing my fingers there are roots!


Do you have a Fiddle Leaf Fig? Have you had any issues keeping yours alive?

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