How To: Propagate Ivy

The first time I got an ivy plant, I killed it. I have since learned they like it a little dry and have successfully managed to keep my three new ivy plants alive now for a few weeks. I’ve also taken measures to insure that if my main plant does die, that I will still have my little propagated babies. Since this was my first time trying to propagate ivy I only took a few cuttings but now I will go back and take a few more.

How Do I Propagate Ivy?
1. Take cuttings using a clean knife below a leaf node
2. Place cuttings in a clear glass filled with water
3. Watch them root!

Here are my three new ivy plants:IMG_3139IMG_3143IMG_3146Here are my new cuttings:IMG_3137IMG_3141IMG_3134

Are you a fan of ivy?

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