Garden Journal – 3/21/2017

I went to visit our old house where I had my cutting garden and perennial bed last year. I have a few things showing up already as of March 21. This year I will focus on moving all of my perennials and bulbs to our new house when the time is right. The list includes everything from hostas, tulips, daffodils, sedum, coral bells and many, many other plants that I was growing for cut flowers.

Sedum Autumn JoyIMG_3114Can anyone identify this perennial? IMG_3115TulipIMG_3117Daffodils – Read about how I planted them hereIMG_3120

I am fairly certain these are something that self-seeded from the annual cut flower garden last year. They are popping up everywhere and I am convinced that they are not a weed. They look familiar…. maybe Statice? Any ideas out there? IMG_3121Queen Anne’s Lace – I grew these under landscape fabric last year but they have self-seeded around the same area. I will transplant these plants soon. IMG_3122

Our new house is an empty canvas with all kinds of surprises coming up. I know that we have grapes on our trellis, roses and lilies so far. Then I have a few things growing that I haven’t been able to identify yet. Do you know what they are?

I think this might be catnip?image1-2
These next two are the same plant. One growing on a retaining wall and another on the ground. They smell like an herb to me. image3 copyimage2 copy
The next two are the same plant. Seems to be in a lot of spots in our yard. Makes me think of a raspberry? I found tall dead stalks near the base of these. image4 copyThese are growing near our grapes. image6

Some of these might just be weeds! What’s growing in your yard right now?

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