Our Chicken Feeder

Chickens can be very messy eaters. They love to scratch at the ground and kick their food all over the place. We needed a solution that allowed us to feed the girls quickly and less often, while at the same time wasting less food.

My fiancé made this chicken feeder out of wood and PVC pipe. The tall cylinders hold extra food so I have to fill the feeder less often. The poles show how much food is left in the feeder by shifting down with the food level. I use a funnel and a scoop to fill it up about every five days and it works great! IMG_3183IMG_3191I think you can pretty much see how it was made just by looking at the photos. IMG_3187IMG_3180This girl is very broody right now and refuses to do anything but sit on these eggs. Unfortunately for her, I keep taking them away! IMG_3175Meanwhile, everyone else is very happily free-ranging on the farm. IMG_3169I remember being very concerned the first time I saw one of my hens doing this – I’m sure my fellow chicken owners can relate! Chickens love to lay out in the sun for sure! I think we are all very glad that spring is here and the sun is back (except its been very rainy this week).IMG_3188What does your feeder look like?

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