5 Tips for Growing Flowers from Seed

We are now around six weeks from our frost-free date in Southwest Iowa. At this point in time, I have around 16 flats of seeds planted with a few more left that I will plant at the four-week mark. I have learned a lot this year and so far (knock-on-wood) am having much better luck than last year. Once we get a little closer and I start hardening off my seedlings I will post a few pictures of them out enjoying the real sun!

5 Tips for Growing Flowers from Seed

  1. Read the label on your seed packet. It will tell you everything you need to know from how deep to plant the seeds, how much light, what temperature is needed or if special instructions are required like soaking the seeds in water or sticking them in the fridge first.
  2. Provide water & heat. Most seeds need both in order to germinate. I prefer to use seed trays with clear plastic dome lids to keep a lot of humidity inside the seed trays. Seedling heat mats can help keep your trays at a consistent heat.
  3. Remove lid and remove from heat after germination. Once your seeds germinate, let them cool down and air out to prevent them from damping off. Make sure to watch them carefully so they don’t dry out!
  4. Bottom water or mist your seedlings. This helps keep them from getting washed away until they get their first true leaves (the leaves that come after their initial seed leaves).
  5. Provide fresh air. Keep air circulating by running a fan near your seedlings.

IMG_3157IMG_3158I purchased some new tools this year and have wondered what I ever did without them. First, I bought a hand sprayer (pictured below), that has allowed me to gently water my seedlings without much disturbance to the soil mix or the seeds. I also bought a 48″ x 20.75″ seedling heat mat which has been amazing as it fits perfectly on my grow rack.


How are your seedlings doing? Any tips to share?

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