Hellebores or Lenten Roses

Hellebores or Lenten Roses are an exciting new flower for me. I suppose someday I’ll have discovered everything but not yet! Their gorgeous color palettes offer a magical secret display when other plants aren’t blooming.

Master Bathroom Details

We purchased a house late last year and moved in around the first of the year. One of my favorite rooms in the new house is our master bathroom with wood floors, a clawfoot tub, huge shower and two big windows.

Spring on the Farm

Spring has fully arrived here on our farm. The weather has been unbelievable the last few weeks and we have all spent as much time as possible outside.

Declaration of Love: Tulips

Last night I went to visit the tulip patch that I planted last fall at our old house. The lush green leaves mixed with the bright reds and pinks makes for quite a sight!

Rebirth and New Beginnings: Daffodils

Daffodils, or narcissus, symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. Perfectly timed with the first few nice days of Spring, its easy to see how they represent a new beginning.

Snapping Turtle

We found this little guy walking through one of our outbuildings on the farm. We have a pond and I assume he was out doing a little exploring.

Making Seedballs for Milkweed Matters

On Saturday, April 1, the West Pottawattamie Master Gardeners teamed up with Nancy Crews (a Mills County Master Gardener) to make over 1,300 seedballs for Milkweed Matters.