Rebirth and New Beginnings: Daffodils

Daffodils, or narcissus, symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. Perfectly timed with the first few nice days of spring, its easy to see how they represent a new beginning. Last year I purchased some daffodils from Floret Flower and planted them using this method. I also got some bulbs from my future mother-in-law. All of my daffodils have been coming up and blooming like crazy. So gorgeous!image4Bimage5Bimage6Bimage2image3image7image8

I purchased this set of “Narcissus Fancy Daffodils” from Floret that included:

Flower Drift’ – A highly fragrant double flower narcissus, this beauty has multiple layers of creamy white petals with sweet orange segmented centers.

Petit Four’ – Of all the daffodils we have seen and grown, none quite compare to the beauty and elegance of this ‘Petit Four’. Its ivory pointed outer petals perfectly frame the double crown, which is filled with an exquisite mix of apricot, pink, buttercream, and peach frilled petals. Blooms are sweetly scented. If we could grow only one daffodil, this surely would be it.

Pink Charm’ – This is a stunning variety has ivory petals and a delicate peachy-pink throat. The loveliest of the pink types we grow, these flowers look as if they were stolen from a sixteenth-century Dutch Painting. They are romantic, classic, unique, and beautiful.

Replete’ – The super ruffled flowers of this fragrant variety always remind me of fancy ladies in petticoats. A showy blend of cream, peachy pink, and soft orange. One of the best on the market and a must grow for flower arranging.

Sir Winston Churchill’ – This variety has thick stems topped with dense white, multi-headed blooms that have a strong fragrance.

The combination of daffodils from Floret with my other bulbs is absolutely amazing right now! Are your daffodils blooming right now? I found some great daffodil growing tips here.

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  1. carolee says:

    Lovely! My newest favorite is “British Gamble”…it’s huge but with stems strong enough to keep the bloom off the ground. Also Delnashaugh because it is frilly, and blooms later to stretch my daffy season.


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