Garden Journal 5/7/2017

It’s finally time to plant. Technically our frost free date is not until May 11 but looking at the forecast it’s apparent that we are in the clear. I’m so tired that I could fall over but I walked around the yard tonight to capture some of the beauty going on right now.

These peonies at our new house are about to make their debut. I have no idea what kind of peonies these are so this is VERY exciting!
IMG_8666We also have a grape vine on a huge arbor at our new house. Ryan trimmed the vines back really hard as they were out of control and looked like they really needed it. We were excited to see that it is growing and still alive! IMG_8717My dad made me these planters that look amazing at our new house with these ferns! I bought one fern and split it in half because otherwise it would have been too big. Now they have room to grow! IMG_8740All of my annual pots are finished and I’m excited for them to get going! IMG_8680My seedlings are doing OK. I’ve lost quite a few and learned a lot this year. I have 24 flats total and I think I have at least one of everything that survived. Next year I am planning to do two grow lights per shelf instead of just one and I think this will really help. They are all outside now in our breezeway harding off. IMG_8677I am REALLY into scented geraniums this year. It all started with the one below that I purchased at Mulhalls. I’ve got a good collection going on now and will have even more once my online order arrives. I think they look amazing in clay pots! Their smell is unbelievable. IMG_8735IMG_8733I have started planting my flower field. Everything I purchased at Piney Ridge Greenhouse is in the ground: Lisianthus, Dusty Miller, Snapdragons, Cosmos, Ageratum, Eucalyptus and some purple Basil (maybe a few more that I forgot). IMG_8695This is how my fabric looks this year. I spaced them further apart to allow for mowing in between. Why not spread out if I can?! My drip line is underneath (buried in between) and all ready to go. IMG_8688I had a lot of dahlias that I potted up early to get them started. Some are now in the ground and some are still in pots. IMG_8723This is the back of our house. Full of dahlias ready to be planted.  IMG_8721I think I have around 40-50 dahlia in the ground so far. I took inventory this year and you don’t even want to know how many I have now. IMG_8706IMG_8701What’s happening in your garden?

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  1. Jane Kirchner says:

    Awesome. Awesome! Melissa you inspire me. What fun you will have this summer learning each unique ecosystem at your “new and improved” Blooming Farmhouse. The sun angles, wind, soil are all new variables, even with the same plants. I so look forward to seeing your progress. Fascinating to see your beds evolution. Thanks for sharing. Would you like to borrow my BioFreeze for muscles?

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