Chrysanthemum Cuttings

First, get caught up by reading my post How To: Grow Chrysanthemums to see an entire year’s worth of mum tasks along with the end result. You can also see even more photos here. See how they looked over the winter on this post and check out photos of most of the mums I grew last year here.

New Growth on Last Year’s Chrysanthemums
Next, I thought I would share what I am doing with my over-wintered mums. I found this video by Pat Stockett Johnston where you can learn how to get to the current stage we are at now in May. I’ve been taking a lot of cuttings from my potted mums from last year. They are all happily outside again and in almost full sun. IMG_8681This is what my cuttings look like right now in varying stages. IMG_8726IMG_8727I’m about to take a whole new round of cuttings to pot up with my new arrivals. Pat Stockett Johnston made a great video that features her step-by-step method that you can also read about in her book. Here is another great video about pinching back.

New Chrysanthemum Cuttings in the Mail
Lastly, I just received my King Mums order in the mail today. This is what my babies look like right now. Read Kings Mums growing instructions here. They look very healthy and happy! image1image2image3image4I took them out of the bags and repotted them in 4″ pots. Before I potted them, I put Osmocote under each plant. I also added super thrive to my watering can before watering them in along with adding a second label. image5image6This is what they look like all potted up! image7image8image9

Did you order any chrysanthemums this year?

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