Garden Journal 5/17/17

It is now the middle of May and I am feeling OK about my progress on the yard so far. I have about 1/3 of the flower field planted and a LOT of work to do in the front perennial bed. But setting aside all of the work I need to do, there have definitely been some fun surprises for us on the property.

We discovered that we have a honeysuckle bush at our new house. It’s located right outside of our sunroom on the west side of our house. I absolutely love it and so do the hummingbirds. IMG_8721IMG_8728IMG_8729The two rose bushes on the property have started to bloom as well. We have a pink and a white rose bush here at our new house.
I can’t believe it but the Hellebores I purchased this year that were blooming over a month ago are still blooming!
IMG_8713We have some sedum that is coming in nicely!
IMG_8705The three peonies are about to explode. Can’t wait to see what these look like. IMG_8701We had a lot of Iris that I dug up because it was right up against the front of the house. I’m to divide them up and replant them further out from the house.IMG_8708We have some asiatic lilies coming up in front as well!IMG_8710I purchased a red perennial hibiscus in memory of my grandfather who recently passed away. I was worried for a while that it wouldn’t actually grow (when I bought it it was just the old growth with no green shoots). But surprise! It’s really coming up now. IMG_8703I also planted a small herb garden right by our back door that is starting to look pretty good as well. So green after all of the rain over the last few days. IMG_8732What exciting things are happening in your garden?

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