Peony + Smoke Bush = Magic

One thing is for sure… it is full blown peony season here in Southwest Iowa. I think this might be my first of many posts about peonies because I have a new favorite spring color combination: Smoke Bush and Peonies. This weekend I realized I have two slightly different colored Smoke Bushes on our property.

This morning before work I did a quick bouquet of smoke bush, peony and what I think might be viburnum. I stopped at our old house after work to harvest a lot more peonies, lilac and clematis to make two more variations of the same bouquet. I am in love.IMG_8767

Creating a bouquet with smoke bush and peonies
1. All of the cut flowers in this bouquet were placed in hydrating solution for a few hours after I picked them. Hydrating solution is new to me this year so I am excited to see the results. I followed the directions on the jug and mixed it with a gallon of water.

2. I started the arrangement with the foliage which included the smoke bush and what I think is viburnum (also found in my new yard).
image63. Then I added lilac to the arrangement.
image54. Next, the came the stars of the show.

I made two versions with slightly different color palettes..which one is your favorite?

I’ll share a few more photos because I can’t help it. Magic hour at our new house is unbelievable with all of the green and the birds.
IMG_8767IMG_8771IMG_8778IMG_8783IMG_8788IMG_8785IMG_8794Are your peonies blooming yet?

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  1. Jane Kirchner says:

    Both are just lovely! Interesting combinations. My heart sings with peonies, lilac, clematis. Your Blooming Farmhouse will soon smell like heaven. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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