Garden Journal 6/12/2017

This is the time of year that really tests my patience. Everything is planted in the ground and all I have to do is weed, water, weed and water even more. Things are slow, especially with almost no rain in the last few weeks. I thought I would walk around the yard and see what I could find with my camera.

I planted some herbs near our back door and they are doing great and getting huge.IMG_8880We have grapes here at our new farmhouse and Ryan trimmed them back really hard this spring to do some major cleanup. They are happily growing and I even see some grapes! IMG_8882We planted some cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes, mint and cilantro in our retaining wall.IMG_8884IMG_8886These are dusty miller plugs that I bought at Piney Ridge Greenhouse.IMG_8887These scented geraniums are doing GREAT. I purchased plugs from Harvey’s Greenhouse.IMG_8890Nicotania that I grew from seed (flowering tobacco). IMG_8891Cosmos that I grew from seed.IMG_8893And of course, the dahlias. IMG_8894IMG_8895I am in love with this shot of the front of our house. We laid a TON of mulch on Saturday and still have a lot left to do. The sunlight was perfect! Can’t wait until things start growing in these beds.IMG_8899This climbing rose is growing at the front of our house. IMG_8904We got this chicken planter as a house-warming gift from Ryan’s aunt Mary. IMG_8905How cute this this!?! What’s going on at your house?

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