Garden Journal 7/1/2017

This is a snapshot of what is going on in my yard on this first of July. We have had a few rainstorms that have made everything very happy. The plants are really coming in now and it will only be a matter of time until I will be picking bouquets!

Several lisianthus are blooming: white, purple and plum. IMG_8921IMG_8919Statice plugs from Piney Ridge Greenhouse are doing great. IMG_8922IMG_8924Larkspur. IMG_8936Flowering tobacco or nicotania. IMG_8930Blue cornflower or Bachelors Buttons. IMG_8944Amaranthus. IMG_8943Celosia. IMG_8940Cosmos. IMG_8926Cosmos. IMG_8948Artemisia. IMG_8939Dahlias. IMG_8954Orach.IMG_8950Dahlia. IMG_8964My mum cuttings have been pinched back to six leaves. IMG_8909Lots of veggies and salad greens are getting huge!

What is going on at your house?


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  1. Jane says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your summer progress. Your new gardens are doing great! I’m so happy the hail went around you.


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