Garden Journal 7/16/2017

It’s hot. I think I forget every year how hot it really gets this time of year. My plants are out in this blazing sun all day every day and I’m not sure how they do it. I do know they need lots of water so I am staying busy trying to keep them watered.

I planted four salvia in a row along the curve of our driveway this year. This is the one perennial that I was sure I wanted in this front bed. They are really thriving in this area.IMG_9428The field is doing really well. New this year was separating the rows and leaving grass in-between. I am not sure that I like this new layout as it’s hard to keep the grass along the edges trimmed up. The weed-whipper tears into the fabric and we can’t mow right up against it because its too high. I am considering changing this for next year. IMG_9431Each row is six feet wide and 100′ long. Each row has three rows of drip line and the rows are connected with a buried header-row.IMG_9432The gorgeous Cafe au Lait Dahlia is breaking my heart all over again this year. Unbelievable color and variation in each bloom.IMG_9440This little orange beauty is new to me this year. I love the contrast of the orange blooms and the dark foliage. I’ll have to look up the name of it. IMG_9443Celosia is coming along and forming blooms. I should have a lot more Celosia this year and more variety. IMG_9451This is an Amaranth flower developing. Gorgeous. IMG_9452Queen Anne’s Lace is starting to bloom.IMG_9455Larkspur is almost done blooming. IMG_9457IMG_9458My Gomphrena “Fireworks” is in full bloom right now. IMG_9459IMG_9460Lisianthus is still blooming. I love this flower but I’m not sure that its worth all of the work. I purchased these plugs from Piney Ridge Greenhouse in Johnston, Iowa but they still look a long time to get to this point. IMG_9466Scented geraniums. IMG_9468The field from the other side. IMG_9469IMG_9471How is your yard surviving this hot-hot weather?

Here are a few flower pictures that I shared on Instagram the last few weeks. Make sure to follow me @TheBloomingFarmhouse.

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