Islander Bouquet

One of my favorite dahlias is called Islander. It’s absolutely huge and the most amazing magenta pink color. It just screams TROPICAL flower. I had two perfect Islander blooms today that were the inspiration for this bouquet. Also included in this arrangement are celosia, scabiosa, ammi, zinnia and amaranth with scented geranium, millet and love…

Hyacinth Bean Vine

This is the first year I have had Hyacinth Bean, a vigorous annual vine in my garden. Also known as the Jefferson Bean, prefers full sun. I ordered seeds and planted them in small pots this spring. I transplanted one into my retaining wall garden and this plant is doing great. I learned earlier this year…

Jewel Bouquet

I wanted to try making a jewel-tone bouquet of deep reds. I pretty much have every color palette under the sun growing here at the farm… so why not give it a try. Featured in this bouquet are dahlias, zinnias, celosia, amaranth, gomphrena and then millet, basil, ornamental kale, love-in-a-puff and scented geranium for foliage….

Pineapple Lily (Eucomis)

Pineapple Lily bulbs should be planted in the ground or in a pot after the danger of frost has passed. Similar to gladiolus, canna and calla lily, the bulbs will need to be dug up or brought indoors in the fall. When you do dig them up let them dry out before putting them in…

Sunset Bouquet

I made a couple of bouquets tonight right at sunset. This is not my typical color palette but I am trying new things tonight. I am just in love with Celosia! Also included in this bouquet: Dahlia, Cosmos, Zinnia, Smoke Bush and Sedum. I was able to capture these photos just before it got too…

Elephant Ear (Colocasia)

Elephant Ear bulbs create an amazing tropical feel in your garden. Their huge bold leaves remind you of elephant ears and come in either green or purple. Colocasia can be grown in the ground or in pots after the danger of frost has passed. In the fall, cut foliage back and dig up. Let the…

Bursting with Dahlias and Zinnias

I made this bouquet for my fiancé’s grandma and we dropped it off tonight. It’s just bursting with zinnias, dahlias, scabiosa, dill, queen anne’s lace, amaranth, scented geranium, cosmos and strawflower. This arrangement includes the widest array of flowers so far this season. What do you guys think? More arrangements here on the blog?

Garden Journal 8/13/2017

A few pictures from this weekend in the garden. So much beauty. The dahlias, cosmos, celosia and amaranth are stealing the show right now. What’s blooming in your garden?

Persian Lime

Ryan and I purchased a lime tree this weekend from Mulhall’s in Omaha, NE. It is a Persian Lime (sour) that is hardy to a Zone 10. I potted it up outside but we are going to keep it inside permanently. The care instructions on the tag say that it needs fertilized every six weeks…

Succulent Planter

I am giving succulents another try! I ordered some online and picked some up at Lowe’s this weekend. I used some Cactus, Palm and Citrus Potting Mix that I had just picked up along with my new rectangle pot. I feel like I am getting a second wind for gardening this year! I really needed…

Garden Journal 8/8/2017

The weather continues to be amazing with average temperatures around 80 this week. So nice to have a break from the hot, hot weather! Check out this amazing Nick Sr. dahlia that is red on top and yellow underneath. This is a very strong dahlia with strong stems and really good tubers.FimbriataZinniasZinniasDillArtemisia, a floral greenery….

Café au Lait

You might have seen my recent post about the bouquet I made using Café au Lait dahlias.  I took some more photos of them in the field this weekend. I thought I had at least twelve tubers this year but some came up completely stark white so I think only have around 7-8 true Cafés. I’m…

Holland Festival

The garden is just way too beautiful right now not to take loads of photos. I went out tonight right before sunset to take photos and then make a big harvest. If you remember, Holland Festival is one of my favorite dahlias and I have a lot blooming right now. Enjoy! Have you ever had…

Garden Journal 8/4/2017

Here is a little tour of what’s blooming on the farm in early August. Cosmos.ZinniaFour-o’clockGomphrenaCleomeCelosiaLisianthusScabiosaDahliaAnother gorgeous summer night! 

Pink Dahlia Arrangement

This is what my dahlia field looks like right now. Out of around 290 dahlia tubers I planted I ended up losing several to virus, rot and other issues. However, the ones that made it are just absolutely beautiful. Are your dahlias blooming yet?

Garden Journal 7/31/2017

These are a few pictures of what is blooming in the cut flower field right now here at the end of July in Southwest Iowa. Zinnias Cosmos Scabiosa Queen Anne’s Lace Cosmos Amaranth Sunflower Scented GeraniumLisianthus Cleome Eucalyptus