Garden Journal 8/8/2017

The weather continues to be amazing with average temperatures around 80 this week. So nice to have a break from the hot, hot weather!

Check out this amazing Nick Sr. dahlia that is red on top and yellow underneath. This is a very strong dahlia with strong stems and really good tubers.IMG_0022FimbriataIMG_0035ZinniasIMG_0053ZinniasIMG_0054DillIMG_0062Artemisia, a floral greenery. Smells like a floral shop!IMG_0063Scabiosa, Black NightIMG_0064Love in a PuffIMG_0069CelosiaIMG_0070Ornamental KaleIMG_0073CosmosIMG_0074CosmosIMG_0076BupleurumIMG_0080Zinnias and dahliasIMG_0083Dahlia, Candle LightIMG_0036Dahlia, Nick Sr.IMG_0041What’s going on in your garden? Comment below!

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