Hyacinth Bean Vine

This is the first year I have had Hyacinth Bean, a vigorous annual vine in my garden. Also known as the Jefferson Bean, prefers full sun. I ordered seeds and planted them in small pots this spring. I transplanted one into my retaining wall garden and this plant is doing great. I learned earlier this year that there are climbers with tendrils that like growing on a trellis and those that prefer climbing on a wall. I had planted this Hyacinth Bean near a trellis but I see it would much rather prefer the wall behind it. IMG_9240IMG_9243It’s starting to bloom these gorgeous long flower shoots that will eventually turn into the bean pods. I plan to save seeds from this plant for next year by harvesting the dried seed pods right before our first frost. IMG_9253IMG_9254IMG_9256IMG_9257Is your Hyacinth Bean flowering yet?

Updated photos 9/2/2017:

Updated photos 9/9/2017. We are now growing seed pods!

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  1. Jane KirchnerI says:

    Yes, Melissa! This is one of my 2017 new favorites. Ours is growing up a trellis and now looks like a flowering bush. I even gave it a trim and looks thicker. Great color, interest, and the purple pods will be pretty. Looks pretty on your wall! A 2017 success!


    1. Melissa Peterson says:

      Excellent! I am so glad you also like it and it sounds like yours is doing even better!


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