Hot Air Balloon Landing (In Our Yard)

We had an exciting morning here on the farm. There were a total of six balloons in the air that I could see from our house when I got outside. They were up and moving northwest until they all disappeared about the same time. They landed in the fields surrounding our house and our neighbors.IMG_0860IMG_0865IMG_0866IMG_0868IMG_0869Then we could hear the hot air blowing in this one right by our house. IMG_0863IMG_0864We walked up over the hill and talked to to the pilot, Brian Becker, flying in his balloon Crazy Dreams. His crew pulled up in their truck and started loading up the balloon. It was fun to watch. IMG_0873IMG_0874IMG_0875IMG_0876IMG_0879IMG_0881IMG_0886The pilot said Ditmers Orchard & Vineyard is hosting Fields of Flight right now. According to their website, the event runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Brian’s next flight is tonight at 5:30 p.m. if weather permits. Parking cost proceeds go toward the American Cancer Society/Relay for Life.  Find out more info here.


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  1. debbie gordon says:

    I love the balloon experience!


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