Red & Gold Bouquet

In honor of yesterday’s game, ISU vs. Iowa, I created this ISU themed arrangement. As some of you know, I attend Iowa State University – GO STATE! Unfortunately they lost the game but I still hope they have a great rest of the season. What do you think of this color combo in an arrangement? IMG_0993IMG_0995IMG_0997This arrangement includes dahlias, celosia, amaranth, ammi and then basil, artemisia, millet, smoke bush and scented geranium for foliage. IMG_0998IMG_1003IMG_1004IMG_1007That is one dirty, but happy dog. IMG_1014IMG_1026IMG_1027
ISU vs. Iowa? Who’s your team?

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  1. debbie gordon says:

    Mark and I are both ISU grads. Love your arrangement!


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