Moving the Little Blue Coop

If you remember, we fixed up an old cabin and converted it to a chicken coop back on our old property. We later learned that it was cabin #8 and was original part of a hotel somewhere in Oakland, IA. I’d love to learn more about its history at some point. If anyone has any knowledge of this, please share in the comments below! before-after-layoutsBefore & After Layouts4

But, it was time to move it to our new house and that day was today. Here is it coming down our lane. IMG_9437IMG_9440IMG_9447IMG_9456Heading past the flower field to its permanent home overlooking the field. IMG_9461IMG_9464IMG_9472IMG_9482IMG_9484IMG_9485Big thank you to those of you who gave up your afternoon to help us. We really do appreciate it. We will be using it as 1/3 coop (incase we get any new baby chicks or even ducks!), 1/3 garden shed for all of my gardening tools and 1/3 cut flower processing with tables, my stem chopper and storage of cut flower supplies in the summer. Look for more photos of the new blue coop all settled in at its new home soon!

The photo below is at our old property. 
img_0732What would you do with this building if it was in your yard?

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