Saving Love in a Puff Seed

Love in a Puff, also known as Balloon Vine or Heartseed, is an annual vine that carries seed in ‘puffs’ and looks great in arrangements. The vine can be grown on a trellis but I just had mine out in the flower field this year and it did fine. IMG_0069You can see it here in one of my favorite arrangements from this year. It’s very delicate and whimsical. It adds an light-airy feel to any bouquet. IMG_9116IMG_8996I purchased my seeds from Floret Flowers in the spring but will be saving my own seed going forward.

You can save Love in a Puff seed by waiting for the balloons or puffs to turn brown. Each puff will have three seeds inside, all with a white heart on them (hence ‘love’).


Would you like some free Love in a Puff seed? If you share my blog with a gardening friend, and email me that you did, I will mail you some Love in a Puff seed. First come, first serve as I have a limited amount of seed.

Just email me at how many of your friends/family you shared my blog with, your mailing address and that you want some free Love in a Puff seed. I will send you 10 seeds each. First come, first serve. Limited to the United States.

Please note: Love in a Puff can be invasive in the southern states if you let it get out of control. It is a Zone 8-10. Please be careful! 


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