2017 Heirloom Mum Results

This was my second year growing heirloom chrysanthemums from Kings Mums. Read my step-by-step guide with photos that I posted last year. Or read the summary below.

Nijin BigoIMG_9808

Summer Tasks
After you receive your Chrysanthemum plugs you will need to remove them from their shipping packages immediately and place in a shallow bowl of water. Replant each cutting into a 4-in pot. After a few weeks you will need to transfer to a 6-in pot and then a 10-in pot. Sprinkle Osmocote in your potting soil (moisture control is not recommended) before each transplant. You will need to pinch plants back to only six leaves per stem. Each leaf will grow a new stem. For disbud mums you will only want to let three of those stems grow to full height. Consider spraying your mums for insects, treat diseases and controlling mites.

Fall Tasks
In August you will need to make sure you have the appropriate number of stems grown in your 10-in pots. Three per pot for disbuds is recommended. Each stem will need to be staked and tied closely to the stake. Continually remove new growths on each leaf node. You do not want more stems growing from those leaf nodes. Keep spraying for insects, diseases and mites.

Late-Fall Tasks
You will begin to see buds forming on your stems. When trying to grow a disbud, you only want one bud per stem (three per plant). Sprays can have more stems and buds. Keep spraying for insects, diseases and mites.

Enjoy your beautiful show chrysanthemums!

If you are looking for additional resources on how to grow all varieties of Chrysanthemums, you should check out King Mums, LLC. Also, Pat Stockett Johnston published a great book called Mums the Word. You can find her VERY helpful YouTube videos here.

Judith Baker.IMG_9793IMG_9787Moira.IMG_9823IMG_9814IMG_9816Fort Smith. IMG_9831IMG_9838IMG_9845Coral Reef.IMG_9857IMG_9860Seatons Toffee.IMG_9869IMG_9886IMG_9891IMG_9901IMG_9908IMG_9916

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