‘Tis the Season

Over the last seven years I have lived in either an apartment or a very small house so I don’t have a lot of Christmas decor. Now that we have our new big house I can finally do some decorating!

We had some Cedar trees growing on one of our terraces (you don’t want that) so Ryan cut them down and I used them for greenery. I left the dirt in these pots from the summer (just cut off the dead stuff off the top) so that there was somewhere to stick the greenery so that it would hold. I think they look amazing with just the green! IMG_2552IMG_2549My dad made these wonderful pots for me that I think look just beautiful in the front of our brick garage that I can change out with the seasons.IMG_2565Next, I cut more branches to make this wreath. I started with a wreath kit from Hobby Lobby and a wreath holder. I used wire to attach the branches. IMG_2571IMG_2573IMG_2553Then, I made this pot of both living branches and items from Hobby Lobby. IMG_2585IMG_2581.jpgIMG_2566IMG_2570We think this was our pilot neighbor doing fly-bys above his house. I liked the way the sunlight was hitting the plane just right!IMG_2587IMG_2588IMG_2590And of course I had to pick up an Amaryllis bulb. Are you decorating for Christmas this weekend?

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  1. Jane says:

    So pretty and GREAT use for cedars! If you would like pinecones to add, I know a secret spot. Your new house looks so warm and inviting. Merry 1st Christmas in your new home!


  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Looks great – your dad’s planters are awesome. I filled a windowbox with greens and winterberry and made a wreath. It’s a Thanksgiving weekend tradition!


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