Suburban Lawn & Garden

A few weeks ago, my family went on a vacation to Kansas City, Missouri to visit my younger brother. It was a two day trip but we packed in as much as we could and of course I had to check out the best greenhouse in KC!

We spent the first day in the West Bottoms shopping district. Our visit was during an off weekend so things were a little calmer. “First Festival Weekends” are every first Friday weekend of each month Friday-Sunday with live music, food and additional vendors. The shopping ranged from antiques, handmade/artisan goods along with season goods. I really think a lot of people would enjoy this area. It’s all part of an effort to revive the most historical area in downtown Kansas City.  We also went to some restaurants and watched the Iowa State Cyclones play. 

IMG_2915 2

On Sunday, my mom and I went to Suburban Lawn & Garden with four locations across Kanas City. You know I had to hit a greenhouse during our trip!

Suburban Lawn & Garden was started by Bill Stueck in the early 1950’s as a lawn mowing business while he was in grade school. In the fifty plus years since, Suburban has grown into a multi-faceted retail, wholesale and service organization dedicated to the principles of growing superior products, providing excellent service and always delivering great value. 

IMG_6006 2IMG_4225 2IMG_0725 2IMG_2700 2IMG_8060 2IMG_8620 2

And what did I get?

A Spaghetti Strap agave. My family and I have been collecting various agave’s that we winter over each year and then divide and share as a group. I think we have around five or so varieties so far. We couldn’t resist this one!

IMG_9918IMG_9920Supposedly, one of the best small growing agaves for use in containers. Also called, the ‘Twin Flowered’ agave as the flower stems have twin tubular blooms, but mainly grown for the strappy green foliage. This agave has no spikes.


An Achmea ‘Del Mar’ from the Bromeliad family. The tag says this plant needs medium to bright lights, needs evenly moist soil, 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer once per month and a temperature of 60 degrees or more.


I was very happy because this plant was 30% off when I bought it. However, when I got home I realized why it was on sale.


My new favorite YouTube channel and blog Homestead Brooklyn, had just posted about about how to care for a bromeliad after it blooms. Because they slowly die after they bloom! Read the post here.


Thankfully my plant has around three pups. I’ll keep you updated on what happens.


The last plant I purchased was yet another agave. No label. Had to add to the collection.

IMG_9939What plants does your family collect?

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