Indian Creek Nursery – Omaha, NE

One of my favorite little spots in Omaha is the back greenhouse of Indian Creek Nursery in Omaha. The business was established in 1966 and is located at 303 N Saddle Creek Rd. The greenhouse is a year-round oasis where I can always find something interesting. I stopped in for a visit today while finishing up my Christmas shopping.

“Indian Creek Nursery and Garden Center strives to be a place of inspiration for all seasons, inside and outside your home. Located in midtown Omaha, Indian Creek Nursery and Garden Center is your one stop shop for all Christmas Tree and Holiday needs.”

IMG_0096IMG_1812IMG_2092IMG_4659IMG_6536IMG_6685IMG_7554IMG_9957Check out this fruiting tree! IMG_2590IMG_0591

What did I get?

A Gasteria Minima which according to the label has fleshy tongue-like leaves with speckled white dots and striped with yellow and needs full sun. IMG_0025IMG_0026Have you been to Indian Creek yet?

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  1. susurrus says:

    It’s always lovely to be able to peek inside a well-stocked greenhouse! I’ve never been near enough to visit in real life.


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