A visit to Libby’s Yarn Barn

Operated by Libby George, Libby’s Yarn Barn is home to many English Angora rabbits, Huacaya alpacas and soon to be Cormo sheep. Now a knitting fanatic, she can shear, pick, wash, dye, card and spin her own fiber. She then uses the fiber to knit her own high-quality home-grown clothing.

This winter, Libby has started making sweaters, fair isle hats and mittens but she tries to learn something new each year.

“I think people should strive to have fewer, higher-quality handmade clothes that are made in the United States by artisan crafters,” said Libby.

Libby got started with a small heard of alpacas back in April of 2015. She has since had five crias born right on her acreage in southwest, Iowa. Each summer is a very important time of year, making sure each birth goes well for both mom and cria.

All of her alpacas are named after greek Gods: Zeus, Hercules, Pandora, Apollo, Athena, Hera, Hermes, Ero, Achilles, Demeter and Aphrodite. These photos are from this summer.


In November, of 2015 she added English Angora rabbits. Since then, she has connected with breeders all over the country and grown her little bunny barn each year.

She currently has two new litters, one batch born on Christmas Eve. We had a little photo shoot today with the two newest litters. First up is Smore with her Christmas babies.


Then we have Tulip with her babies born two weeks earlier in December. IMG_0230IMG_0212

Here are all of the baby bunnies together!IMG_0241

Meet Milton.IMG_0280Meet Daisy. IMG_0267

Meet Billy Bunny. IMG_0306
Aren’t they just so adorable?!?
In a few months, she is adding Cormo sheep. A cross between Merino and Corriedale sheep, Cormo is a fine wool like merino but area better suited for a humid area.
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  1. Eliza Waters says:

    OMG, sooooo adorable! Make me want one or two or… 😉


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