Forcing Amaryllis Bulbs Indoors

Forcing Amaryllis bulbs indoors is a great winter gardening project.

Most Amaryllis bulbs are sold as set with a pot, compost and even moss. Take apart your set and read the instructions.

How To Force Amaryllis Bulbs Indoors:

  1. Some sets come with expanding compacted soil. Set your compacted soil disc in warm water and let it expand. If you bought a single bulb, you will need regular potting soil and a small pot.
  2. Fill the container with 2/3 of the soil and then place the bulb in the pot. Use remaining soil to secure the Amaryllis bulb the best you can. Do not cover the entire bulb with the soil. Feel free to add moss to make a pretty display.
  3. Place your Amaryllis is a warm sunny spot as heat is needed to produce the flower stems. The ideal temperature is between 68 to 70 degrees.
  4. Water sparingly until flower stem appears. Gradually water more until blooms fade. Blooms should last between 7-10 weeks.

Here are a few of mine after I first planted them. IMG_0028IMG_0030IMG_0029Some of the bulbs I bought were on extreme discount after Christmas, They had already begun to grow inside the container. These are my ‘rescue’ Amaryllis bulbs. They are very white in color but are slowly turning green and straightening out.IMG_0031I planted this bulb first so it was the furthest along. You can stagger your planting so that you will have continuous blooms for months.IMG_0033Here are my first two blooms! IMG_0331IMG_0332Here is the third coming very soon! IMG_0337IMG_0338IMG_0339This really tall one was getting a little floppy so I had to add some stakes. IMG_0345IMG_0347IMG_0353Do you grow Amaryllis bulbs indoors?

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