Plant Journal: Growing a Persian Lime Tree Indoors

Growing a Persian lime tree indoors.png

Ryan and I purchased a lime tree back in August of last year. I was so excited about my first citrus that I did a blog post about my new baby. Read that here.

It is a Persian Lime (sour) that is hardy to a Zone 10. I potted it up outside back in August but planned to keep it inside permanently. The care instructions on the tag said that it needs fertilized every six weeks for the first three years and then after that, three times per year between March – September. I guess I should have followed the tag instructions!

IMG_0149Fast forward to now… the lime tree hadn’t done a whole lot. No real signs of any growth but also no real signs of any issues. To be be honest, I hadn’t fertilized my house plants very much.

However, about five weeks ago I finally got some new indoor plant fertilizer from Espoma and watered all of my house plants including this lime tree. Then I hit them all  again two weeks later.


A few days after fertilizing…. BOOOM. Tons of growth, blooms and activity. I think it helped that we are coming into spring and it was probably the proper time to fertilize.

IMG_0396IMG_0403IMG_0407IMG_0404IMG_0402IMG_0401IMG_0398I definitely see the benefit to fertilizing house plants now and plan to start a two week fertilizing regimen. What a difference! I’ll have limes of for my mango-lime salsa in no time. Have you every grown a citrus indoors? Why did I wait so long!



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