Garden Journal 5/25/2018

After a cold and wet spring, we’ve jumped straight into summer here in southwest Iowa. On this memorial day weekend, we are expecting temperatures of nearly 100 for four days. I was able to to take the day off yesterday for some plant shopping and did some digging in the dirt when I got home. Holy hot!

I was completely surprised when I found these open peonies yesterday. For some reason, it caught me completely off-guard. It seemed like they were just small buds yesterday. I have a feeling the hot weather is helping them along! I’m so happy to have well-established peonies at our new house. They are quickly becoming my favorite.


My smoke bush is about to start smoking! Last year I bouquets and boutiques of peonies and smokebush so I knew they had to be close as well. IMG_5924IMG_5926IMG_5928

A few other updates from around the yard. I only planted a few perennials last year but they have come back really strong!

Last year, we laid mulch around all of our front beds. This year I planted perrenials. It doesn’t look like much right now but it will next year!

IMG_5890I tried a little market-garden style setup for small vegetables and greens in our back yard. I need to do some more thinning and weeding. Our vegetable garden is very segmented as some of it is on the retaining wall, some on the ground and some out in last year’s flower field. IMG_5897I picked up this Iris at the West Pott. Master Gardener Plant Sale this month and it’s already blooming! The color was a surprise and I absolutely love it. IMG_5885My bird feeder is still getting all kinds of guests. IMG_5847

Beautiful clouds today. IMG_5892IMG_5893This is a sneak peak of a little project I am working on. More on this coming soon. IMG_5957IMG_5958All of our farm animals say hello!

IMG_5858My kitty is enjoying being outside more. He is a very happy fat cat. What’s going on in your yard or farm this Memorial Day Weekend?

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Lots happening in your garden – glad we don’t have your heat, though! I adore peonies and mine have budded up nicely, too. So much to do in the spring, I always fall behind it seems. Happy MD Weekend, Melissa!


    1. Melissa Peterson says:

      Happy Memorial Day to you as well Eliza! Thank you for your comment.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Farmhouse is looking beautiful!


  3. Beth says:

    What a beautiful setting you are in, Melissa, and that sky! And I love your cat lounging in the grass — so adorable! It looks like you have a number of new garden areas that I look forward to seeing more of as they fill in and grow. Hope you had a lovely weekend, Best, -Beth


    1. Melissa Peterson says:

      Thank you Beth, same to you!


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