Oranges and Grape Jelly

I enjoyed a four day break from work and got so much done around my house over this Memorial Day weekend. My only complaint is that I wish it was slightly cooler. Nearly 100 degree temperatures each day made it hard for a lot of heavy outdoor work. But, clearly I didn’t work too hard since I had plenty of time for bird watching.

We have had a constant stream of visitors at our new feeder. Orchard Orioles, Baltimore Orioles, Cardinals, Catbirds and Goldfinch. The Orioles and the Catbirds love the grape jelly! I went and bought two more jars along with more oranges again today. Spoiled!


This feeder is the perfect size for a jelly jar.


Can you spot the bird in this pic?


Something about a cardinal makes me think hot-shot teenager. I think it’s the mohawk.


So many fights over territory with these hummingbirds! It’s so intense and fun to watch! I hope they don’t actually hurt each other. If it keeps up, I will put up another feeder in a different area. I’m getting to the point where I can tell the difference between my main hummingbird and those trying for his territory.


And for the first time ever on my camera…. a blue bird. Not a close up but still. I’ll keep working on better photos but these guys don’t come to the feeders like everyone else. We have a pair nesting in Ryan’s ISU bird house that he has had forever. It’s in the perfect location because it’s right over mowed grass.


What did you do for Memorial Day weekend?

Mr. Peaches enjoyed bird watching with me.



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