Garden Journal 6/2/2018

We kicked off June with some more heat. My leafy greens are doing amazingly well. I’ve got several kinds of lettuce and kale along with arugula, turnips, beets and swiss chard growing in this market garden style bed.

My agave sure are happy right now! They thrive in the heat.


I planted a few coreopsis last year and they came back beautifully. They are both in bloom right now. I could definitely see myself planting a whole bed of these someday.


My hummingbird is always around and not scared to be near me at all.

We had to remove a Chinese Elm from our property this year and the stump was too big to remove with any of the tools we have. It’s huge. So Ryan is burning it using charcoal and it’s working great.

Since the blue coop is a ways away from the house, I knew I had to plant these window boxes with something that I didn’t need to water often. These hen and chicks along with other perennial rock-garden plants (sedum) were the perfect fit. Some will get quite large and trail over the side of the planters. I’ll be sure to post updated pic’s later in the year.


Here you can see both the new coop that was on this property and the blue coop that we moved from our old property.


The man who rents our farm ground owns this tractor. Love the contrast.


What’s going on in your yard right now? What’s blooming?

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  1. gardenfancyblog says:

    Melissa, your salad crop garden is amazing — so large and productive looking! Your rows are so straight and there doesn’t seem to evidence of a single weed. Wow! And your window box is super cute, just like the coop itself — I can’t wait to see what it looks like when the plants trail over. Love your place! Best, -Beth


  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Your greens look scrumptious. Our CSA starts up this week – can’t wait!
    In my garden, alliums are going over and bearded and Siberian iris are in full bloom. White bleeding hearts mingle with Geranium phaeum. Peonies are well-budded. Looking forward to their luscious blossoms!


    1. Melissa Peterson says:

      Eliza, so interesting! We are past alliums, iris and peony (almost) season. Enjoy the peonies. Ours were short lived due to the hot weather. My salvia and coreopsis are in full bloom at the moment. Thanks for your comment.


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